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A 2018 Advent calendar is great for recording your countdown to Christmas - and we bring you dozens of top quality calendars from leading UK stores.

We feature traditional wooden calendars, Lego calendars and attractive cardboard calendars for kids containing sweets, chocolates and other goodies.

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Get in the Christmas Spirit with an Advent Calendar

There’s nothing like an Advent calendar for helping build up the festive spirit in your home in the run-up to Christmas Day on December 25 - and we have an impressive range of calendars to choose from.

Advent begins on a Sunday, the first of the four that leads to Christmas. However commercially available calendars normally have a start date of December 1.

We have a huge choice of calendars - ranging from a cheap cardboard type containing sweets and chocolate treats - to luxury musical or wooden advent calendars on various Xmas subjects including Santa and his sleigh, reindeer, snowmen and Christmas trees.

Our fun calendars are brought to you by top UK stores including Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Hamleys, Waitrose, John Lewis, Ebay, Woolworths, Wilkinson Plus, British Corner Shop, Ace, Argos, Tesco Direct, A1 Gifts, Party Pieces, Cadburys Gifts Direct and Garden & Leisure.    

Advent calendars often come as thick rectangular cards with 24 windows that are opened, one on each day, until Christmas.

The windows have illustrations, religious or secular, on them, and the ones made specifically for kids have chocolates or small toys hidden inside.

Kids love the thrill of opening a little window on their calendar each day - usually after their evening meal at home - to get at their chocolate treat.

Some traditional luxury Advent calendars open like a book, and the dates are marked on the only two 'pages' on each window, and there may be just one continuous illustration spanning the entire calendar.

This could be a religious scene or simply one that depicts snowy outdoors or other festive winter scenes in soft colours. The windows have premium quality chocolate figurines hidden inside. These are priced between £12 and £30.

There are plenty of personalised 2018 Advent Calendars available to buy and those which have more modern themes for young boys and girls, including the top quality Playmobil and Lego calendars range.

The Lego Star Wars is a very popular choice and comes in a box with models of Star Wars characters, weapons and ships behind each window.

These, of course, are mostly targeted towards Star Wars fans and collectors, who, incidentally, are not invariably minors! Lego products in this range also include City and Friends Advent Calendars for children.

The City calendar has mini figures that include fire fighters and mechanics, and there are other figurines as well who must all come together to rescue Santa whose sleigh is stuck.

The Lego Friends Calendar is for playing with little figures and dogs and other accessories,offering plenty of pre-Christmas fun.

These are aimed for children between 5 and 12 years and priced under £40. Lego boxes show images of all the figures and how they appear when they are finally assembled and some parents understandably feel that this spoils the surprise.

There is an easy solution however - simply wrap the box to cover the images, so that your little son or daughter is not deprived of the joy of discovering something new each day.

A Wooden Advent Calendar can be filled with treats

Advent calendars are also available in wood, and they are very often marked only in numbers with no mention of month or year so that they may be preserved and re-used.

These traditional wooden items may be simple rectangles with 24 boxes - with or without pictures on them and priced between £3 and £7 - or handmade giant mansions with 24 windows, exquisitely coloured and detailed to scale, costing upwards of £700.

There are also plenty of calendars available to buy which cater for those with a creative interest and these include do-it-yourself kits where a Christmas tree is put together with places to hold the colourful lollipops that come with the tree.

These are sometimes musical, when the tree rotates and a carol plays. Some Xmas tree Calendars have boxes at the base to store items that go with the tree, and are not perishable.

Some kids' calendars are shaped like toy trains with windows to hold the goodies, and with Santa driving the train. And then there is the wood and felt Santa himself, standing more than 100cms high, to be placed at the doorway with 24 pockets full of Christmas surprises!

Thankfully, these adorable items are competitively priced and do not cost the earth. There are a number of beautiful little goodies including mini writing pads, erasers, colourful pencils, small soft-toys and stamps that you can buy to customise your Advent Calendar and make your little ones happy with a number of different surprises every day.

If you choose to buy these, look for a discount on bulk purchase and maybe convince a few friends to share your idea. There is also a twist on the calendar in the form of Advent Candles, which are beautifully stencilled, and marked into 24 sections.

Light them up everyday till Christmas, and get the scented variety if you prefer. Prices range from a reasonable £5 to around £100.

The history of the Advent calendar goes back many decades. The first Advent-style calendars for Christmas date back to the 19th century and other variations on this concept included the Advent clock and the Advent candle which involved the lighting of a candle each day in the run up to December 25 - a bit like the traditional Christmas candle wreath.

The first printed calendar was created by Gerhard Lang in Germany and consisted small coloured pictures which were attached to slips of cardboard for each day of Advent.

As a child his mother often connected sweets to small pieces of cardboard and every day the young Gerhard would detach one of the treats.

Disposable Xmas calendars made of cardboard and containing chocolates - often based on traditional Xmas themes or popular children's television, book and movie characters - are the biggest sellers. Children really enjoy opening the day’s calendar door to reveal a tasty chocolate or sweet after they’ve had their evening meal at home.

The chocolate treats are normally in the shapes associated with Christmas like Santa Claus, Xmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, holly leaves or Christmas crackers. Most of the big name chocolate companies bring out Xmas calendars each year including Cadbury, Nestle, Thorntons, Mars, Lindt, Kinnerton, Haribo and Galaxy.

Many families choose to buy a solid wooden, cloth, canvas or plastic calendar as these permanent and reusable structures can be a household feature year after year.

They normally feature little drawers or block containers where mum and add can add little novelty toys or treats for their children. They are usually painted in bright colours, such as silver, gold, blue, red, green and yellow, to add to the cheery spirit of Christmas.

Some people like to make their own Advent calendars with various bits of cardboard, magazines, tinsel, twigs, berries, crepe paper and other materials - we also feature some kits for making your own Xmas calendar.

Advent calendars sell like hotcakes in the run-up to Christmas so it's definitely worth buying one as early as possible to avoid disappointment when popular items quickly sell out.

One thing's for certain - an Advent calendar will guarantee a joyous countdown to Christmas! is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to   

Compare prices for a 2018 Advent Calendar

Your daily countdown to Xmas!

We bring you the best prices around for 2018 Advent calendars from major UK stores.

Advent calendars, like those for sale here, are great for adding to the Christmas spirit and are found in millions of homes during December.

Christmas wouldn't be the same without an Advent calendar - kids just love the excitement of opening a new pull-out cardboard, fabric or wooden door on them each day to see what's inside.

And the excitement really builds up the nearer it gets to Christmas when boys and girls around the UK await the gleefully anticipated visit from Santa Claus on December 24.

German Lutherans first introduced the Advent calendar as a way of counting the days to Christ's Nativity.

If you want to buy an Advent calendar you are spoilt for choice here - we have an extensive range of products in all shapes and sizes, from cheap cardboard calendars to luxury wooden ones.

Advent begins on a Sunday, the first of the four that leads to Christmas. However commercially available calendars normally have a start date of December 1.


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